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They dined on mince and slices of quince……..

I don’t have a runcible spoon (whatever that may be) but I did have the good fortune to be at a friends orchard earlier in the year, where I spotted a quince tree. “What do you do with those?” she enquired, well I made Quince Threads (a cross between jam and marmalade), Quince Jelly, and Membrillo (quince paste). I also made a scrummy salad of poached quince and dolcelatteĀ from the fab book, Plenty by Yottam Ottelenghi.

I become a little miserly with these more unusual preserves, but yesterday I made a Bakewell Tart using the Quince Threads, the perfumed flavour was a good foil to the almonds, I’d like to try again using walnuts.

I’ve just had a request for the lunchboxes for tomorrow for creamy Lancashire Cheese with Membrillo, “The Best Sandwiches in the World”, according to our 13 year old!

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